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Audit Proof Records is a system developed and supported by Tax Centers of America, Inc., one of the nation's Top 5 income tax preparation companies. In business since 1992, Tax Centers of America has prepared & e-filed hundreds of thousands of individual and business tax returns through multiple offices across the United States. When you use the Audit Proof Records system, you can have the confidence of over 20 years professional tax experience working for you.

Audit Proof Records was designed with the small business owner in mind. We understand that you to have work hard to make your business grow and that leaves little time for the record-keeping that is necessary for income & expense accounting. If you follow our program as it designed, your day-to-day records and your annual tax preparation & filing will be much more accurate and expediate. Plus, it will be virtually "audit proof" because the program is designed to help you comply with state & federal tax guidelines (See Disclaimer) The Client understands that “Audit Proof” is a relative term dependent on the responsible and consistent entry of accurate & truthful information into the Audit Proof Records system by the Client as it is designed to be used. The term “Audit Proof” should not be taken as a guarantee in any way that the Client’s business will never be audited by a tax agency; nor, that using the system guarantees no enforced ramifications by the auditing agency. The Audit Proof Records system has been designed in expectation of most federal & state guidelines for proper tax accounting of business income & expenses. TCOA is not responsible for any erroneous or fraudulent information entered by the Client to the Audit Proof Records system. TCOA is not responsible for the requirement of the Client by the IRS or state tax entity for an audit of their business. Under the provisions of the Premium Plan, TCOA will provide representation with the Client to the auditing agency, should an audit be required. . Your account data is safe according the best online security technology available and archived in back-up systems for easy retrieval whenever you need it.